Best Makeup Face Brush and Sponge for Different Products

Jan 04, 2016 - Nida Safdar -
Best Makeup Face Brush and Sponge for Different Products
There was a time that i could just simply apply my foundation with fingers and never thought about any foundation brush but since i have started using the face brushes i could see how they make difference in the finish of my makeup. It is easy to apply, more flawless and less messy. I have collected few face brushes depending on their usage and should know which brush to use with particular face product. Even though i am not pro in selecting makeup tools but with time i am known to some tips which i am going to share with you today.
Brush for Liquid and Cream FoundationBrush for Liquid and Cream Foundation
If you want full coverage with liquid foundation the brush advised is flat top brush which should be wide as well to give you more control over your foundation. Flat top brush gives you full coverage as they do not buff the foundation into the skin but just layer it on. My choice of brush for liquid foundation is RT Expert brush which is wide, compact but dense and is round from the edges. The good thing about this brush is that you can buff your foundation for medium coverage if you want and it can be used for both liquid and cream formulas however flat top is not the perfect brush for cream formulas. I use it for all my liquid foundations and cream foundation in Sleek Makeup Base Duo kit and it worked for them perfectly. You can also use Kabuki face brush for liquid foundations which gives you medium coverage by blending it into skin.
 Brush for Mousse and powder foundationBrush for Mousse and powder foundation
Mousse and powder foundations are great options in summers and the brush which can do justice to these formulas should be wide and densely packed to blend and buff these foundation into the skin. I loved using RT buffing brush for my Golden Rose Mousse Foundation which is dense and picks the perfect amount of product and blend flawlessly into the skin. It can also be used for powder foundations and i have used it for powder foundation in Sleek Makeup Base Duo kit.
Brush  Sponge/Blender For Stick FoundationBrush  Sponge/Blender For Stick Foundation
If you want to use stick foundation like Kryolan Tv Paint Stick, i strongly recommend to use it with non latex damp sponge like Beautyblender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge instead of brush. As the stick foundation have thick texture there is no way any brush will spread or blend your foundation flawlessly. Instead dot stick foundation on your face and blend it with damp blender preferably non latex to avoid any allergy if you have sensitive skin. These blenders provide you non streaky high coverage and blending is more easy. However you can use your fingers to apply these sort of foundation as well.
Brush for ConcealerBrush for Concealer
To apply concealer you need small flat brush which can give you precise application. Flat brush will layer the product on spots which you want to hide and then you can apply your neutralizer on top of it.
Brush for Setting Powder or DustingBrush for Setting Powder or Dusting
To set or dust your foundation with powder like Rimmel Stay Matte the best brush you can get is large, broad face fluffy which will not disturb your base and just lightly pat powder on your face. You can also use this brush to remove excessive powder from your face if you are trying baking method.
Brushology for different face productsBrushology for different face products
Brush for Blush, Contour and HighlighterBrush for Blush, Contour and Highlighter
A one fluffy dome shape brush can be sufficient for applying blush, contour and highlighter but different brushes do bring different results. RT Blush Brush is large fluffy dome shaped brush which applies the blush on cheeks perfectly however for contour purpose you do need more precise tool then this brush and RT contour brush is one for this task. You can also use slanted fluffy brush for this purpose as well. These shape of brushes perfectly fits in the hollows of your cheek and make them more define. You can use same brush for highlighter as well but i prefer the fan brush for highlighting cheek bones which gives me more control over the product instead of getting whole shiny face.
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