City Color Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream in Luminous Dewy Glow - Review

Sep 18, 2017 - Zubaida -
City Color Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream in Luminous Dewy Glow - Review
As i have mentioned in many posts that City Color has become one of my favorite brand because of their high quality products in very low price. The be matte lipstick are the ones who started all this and i still reach them for regularly. I have tried their liquid highlighters as well including highlighting wand in champagne and contour & cream highlighter in deep. Both products have different formula and have very good performance. Today i am going to share my thoughts on their Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream in Luminous Dewy Glow. Let me tell you how it performed for me.
CITY COLOR Glowing Complexion Illuminating CreamProduct description
This illuminating hydrating cream will give you glowing complexion which is long lasting and helps diminish the appearance of facial imperfections.
CITY COLOR Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream
CITY COLOR Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream
CITY COLOR Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream SwatchesMy Thoughts
This product comes in 24ml squeezable tube with very small nozzle which is perfect to dispense out the product as you required. The tube color is exact shade of product inside. The slim packaging is quite good to carry around and the screw cap will protect it against spilling once closed. It is mentioned that this product have rose sent but i couldn't find any noticeable scent to it.

The shade luminous dewy glow is a beautiful champagne shade which is very different from the previous two highlighter i tried from City color. It is more similar to Sigma liquid highlighter in afterglow, only afterglow has little pink pearlescent touch to it. The formula is creamy with perfect consistency to apply on whole face unlike other liquid highlighters which are more shimmery and dry quickly while this cream gives more glowy touch then glittery. It also doesn't dry too fast and gives you enough time to work with it.

As it is illuminating cream, you can use it on whole face before foundation or mix it in. I have tried NYX born to glow illuminator in gleam before and if i compare the texture of both products, i like City color illuminating cream more. It is more easy to work with, blend easily and gives more natural finish. It is very light weight and doesn't feel like an extra layer of heavy product. It is quite long lasting and doesn't fade or smear easily once set.

There are few ways of how to apply liquid highlighter or illuminating cream. You can spread little amount on whole face before applying foundation for natural dewy glow. Mixing it in foundation will give little more glamorous touch. You can also use it after foundation as liquid highlighter on cheekbones, brow bone or even as liquid eyeshadow.

Overall i loved this product, it is perfect shade for all skin, have very good texture, easy to apply and blend, gives beautiful glow and can work in multiple ways. For the price it is perfect and i would highly recommend it to ones who are looking for good illuminating cream.

In Favor
  • Very good texture
  • Beautiful shade for all skin
  • Easy to spread and blend
  • Not glittery
  • Gives natural dewy glow beneath foundation
  • Works great as liquid highlighter
  • Very budget friendly
Not in Favor
  • Nothing i can think of
My Rating

CITY COLOR Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream is priced $3.99 at
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