Essential Oils and Carrier Oils by Go Natural - Review

Aug 28, 2017 - Zubaida -
Essential Oils and Carrier Oils by Go Natural - Review
Where we are makeup lover and love to try new makeup and beauty products, i love natural products for beauty and health care. I have shared my favorite skin care routine from natural products and the benefit of oil cleansing method before. However using essential oils was not easy in these DIY products because i couldn't get my hands on them easily until Go Natural introduced them in Pakistan. I have instantly picked some of my most favorite oils without second thought for many DIY projects. Lets talk about in detail what i picked and if they are worth having or not.

Go Natural carrier oils in Pakistan, their price and usesCarrier Oils by Go Natural

Apart from essential oils they also have some hard to get carrier oils. As much as they have their own benefits, they are necessary to make your essential oils work better. I have picked the following carrier oils and have shared their benefits and uses individually and will do the rest of them soon as well.

Pumpkin oil - Rs 530
Apricot oil - Rs 360
Neem oil - Rs 440
Jojoba oil - Rs 590
Rosehip oil - Rs 490

Go Natural essential oils in Pakistan, their price and usesEssential oil by Go Natural

I have picked nine essential oils and have been using them since. The uses of essential oils are beneficial in many ways but at the same time you have to be careful with their usage. They can react to sensitive skin and using them without carrier oil is not advised. However once you know how to use them according to your skin and body, they can be life saving. I got the following ones.

Peppermint oil - Rs 530
Lavender oil - Rs 590
Orange oil - Rs 440
Frankincense oil - Rs 490
Geranium oil - Rs 590
Tea Tree oil - Rs 900
Lemon grass oil - Rs 490

Rosemary oil - Rs 490
Eucalyptus oil - Rs 440

I have been using them for more then 6 months and so far i have found them very useful. I might had my doubts of their performance at start but after using them i can say they are quite good. I had done a lot of research regarding each oil online for their colors and smell and so far each oil is as it is supposed to be. I have only shared my one DIY face serum which was everything i was looking for but i have tried many DIY blends including body oil for muscle relief, hand and foot oil for dry and craked skin, hair oil, used in my DIY tooth paste, lip oil and many other ways. I must say i am very satisfied with their performance and would definitely get them once i am through with my storage. Overall if you are natural product enthusiast and looking for reasonable essential and carrier oils, I would highly recommend them. On the other hand you can just pick any one oil which you required for your skin and hair like Tea tree oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil etc if you are not sure about making your own oil blends. Let me know if you want to know any blend and i will share with you my recipe.

**Certain essential oils should be avoided by pregnant women, infants, and young children. Avoid application near eyes. Always do patch test before applying thoroughly.
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