Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel - Review

May 24, 2017 - Zubaida -
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel - Review
Makeup Eraser Towel idea have been introduced by The Original which is an innovative idea and made me curious to try cleanser free remover. While they offer it for price $20 Makeup Revolution came up with their own version in less price. The unique claims and quick makeup removing method is quite intriguing when you love to wear a lot of makeup and care for your clean skin. So lets see if this towel do what it says or not.
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel Product description
This towel removes waterproof makeup and is made of soft material.
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel Both SidesMakeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel Both Sides
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel  after using Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel  after using
My Thoughts
The bright pink polyester towel comes in transparent plastic pack which is slanted from both sides, you can store the towel in it after each use. The fluffy fibers is extremely soft like fur and feel very good against the skin like silk. The one side have more smooth fur while the other side have bit rough fibers. The size is not very long but enough for use at one time.

The idea is to wet the towel under warm water completely and squeeze out excessive water. If you are bit skeptical at first use you can wash it in washing machine for first time and then use it on your face. Once drenched in water and squeezed, remove your makeup by moving this towel in circular motion. It is better to use it from one side and moving further once the place becomes dirty. Now as it claims to remove the water proof makeup, i find it to be true to some extant. It completely removes eye makeup, eye liner and mascara. However you need to put some more effort for mascara and liquid matte lipsticks but it will be removed.
Removing makeup with Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel for heavy foundation, matte liquid lipstick and water proof mascara and linerRemoving makeup with Towel for heavy foundation, Colourpop matte liquid lipstick and water proof mascara and liner

After using it you will feel your skin clean of any makeup but if you have used heavy foundation like Estee Lauder Double Wear, Kryolan stick or Dermacol cover foundation then after using this towel you still need to clean with any good cleanser to deep clean your pores. You can wash it after each use to protect against bacteria. It is advised to wash it in washing machine but i think washing it with any good shampoo or tool cleanser by hand works as well and then once or twice in a week you can wash it in machine.

It is not a replacement to your proper cleansing routine as you need deep cleansing to clean and detoxify pores which makes your skin healthy. However this is good tool for starter and can replace your makeup removing wipes. After that it is better to follow up with your regular cleanser. It is perfect for traveling and daily use for quick removal of makeup and the times when you want to correct the makeup mistakes.

My favorite use for it is using it with cleansing oil which not only remove makeup and impurities but leaves the skin smooth and healthy. The difference between normal cloth and this towel is that its soft small threads provide proper friction to pull off makeup without rubbing to hard on skin at the same time it protects from smearing the makeup on skin. So when you are using this towel your makeup will not spread on whole face making it dirty like you face with using direct cleanser instead the fibers will keep the makeup stick to them.

Overall it is effective and quick way to clean face from makeup and impurities and the lasting life is up to 1000 washes. It is good investment for regular use but is not a complete replacement to cleansers.

In Favor
  • Remove all visible makeup
  • Very soft materiel and is relaxing to use it
  • Doesn't smear makeup on whole face
  • Environment friendly as can be used multiple times unlike wipes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Make less use of your cleansers
  • Can be used as gentle exfoliator
  • Can be washed up to 1000 times
  • Dry quickly
Not in Favor
  • Doesn't remove makeup completely
  • More rubbing is needed for stubborn makeup
  • Need washing after every use
My Rating
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel  is priced $13.99
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