Important Korean Techniques for Glowing skin

Sep 12, 2019 - Nisha Qasim -
Important Korean Techniques for Glowing skin
We have been talking about how Korean skincare products are so effective and their 10 step skincare routine has been all talk lately. Apart from having all those hydrating products like serums, ampules, cleansers and masks, the important thing is how to use them properly to get most effect out of them. Even if you are using all those famous products, using them right will bring the glass glow to your skin which is what you are looking for. We are sharing some basic techniques which are important in Korean skin care routine and you will definitely see some major results.

Washing techniques
We very much enjoying rubbing our face while washing with water or at least i do. But what do Korean beauties do? They splash their face with water again and again or multiple times. They say that splashing water on your face brings the glow on surface. In fact now most agree that in morning just splashing your face with water is enough and you don't have to use face wash or other cleansers in morning. Also don't use towels to dry your face with rubbing, instead pat it and leave it for few minutes to dry on its own.

Cleansing techniques
We all know about the importance of cleansing. We also know the benefits of double cleansing and what products should be used but it is most important, how you are massaging your face and how long. The most important factor used in Korean skin care is not to rub harshly and instead use light hands and upwards and outwards strokes while massaging. Also don't be hasty and give at least 1 or 2 minutes while cleansing your skin, so that product penetrates deeply.

Product application techniques
While applying any product like ampules, serums or mists, never rub your skin and instead pat them on face after applying with light hands. While rubbing, you tend to tug or pull your skin which in longer terms can lead to loose skin and wrinkles. Patting increase blood flow on skin and product absorbs more deeply, effecting in better way.

Layering techniques
If you are using Korean skincare already, you will be known with layering of products. It is the best way to hydrate your skin in lightest way. As these products are mostly water based, they will not feel heavy on skin. The best way is to apply the lightest product first and then followed by heaviest. Once you apply one product by patting wait for a minute to let it full absorbed and then apply other one.

Do you like spraying your skin with skin mist then you are on right track. Instead of applying toners with cotton pads and swiping them use hydrating face mists to balance your skin pH level and hydrate them more effectively. For example, spraying your face with rose water instantly refresh your skin and give your skin instant boast. Similarly you can use cucumber, green tea or aloe vera mists to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.
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