Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119 - Review

Nov 21, 2017 - Abida -
Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119 - Review
Today i am going to share my thoughts on mink lashes by Dodolashes in D119. Mink lashes have become quite popular and you can get tons of designs including sparse, natural and 3D lashes. The prices are quite high for different brands but Dodolashes offer very reasonable prices and claim to offer very good quality. Let me tell you how it turned out for us.
Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119
Mink Lashes by Dodolashes Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119
Mink Lashes in D119 by Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119 by Dodolashes
Burgundy makeup and Dodolashes Mink LashesMy Thoughts
These lashes come in transparent plastic box with slide able similar top cover. The box includes basic instructions written on cardboard paper. The lashes have thick band which in my opinion is thicker then other mink lashes available. Because of thick band you have to place lashes as close to your natural lashes as possible if you do not want to apply eyeliner to hide the band like i have applied on above picture.

These lashes are hand crafted and individual lashes are placed in little crisscross pattern. The thick band help you apply glue more easily and if you are new to applying false lashes, you will find them more easy to handle. They are not shiny and looks quite natural. The brand claims that these lashes can be worn up to 25 times which i think is possible because of thick cotton band.

To apply lashes, first measure the size with your own lash line and trim the extra piece with scissors from outer corner. You can read our post about basic tricks and techniques of applying false lashes if you are beginner. Carefully apply glue to cotton band and dry for few seconds. Then carefully place false lashes with applicator or hand near your natural lash line and press the band with back of brush handle or lash applicator, be very careful to not poke your eyes. My favorite glue and applicator is by Ardell from their starter kit. You can also cut these lashes in three pieces and apply them individually for more natural look.

Overall i liked the quality of these lashes and if you are comfortable in wearing mink lashes then Dodolashes have most reasonable prices and wide styles to choose from.

Dodolashes Mink Lashes in D119
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