How to Apply False Lashes - Tricks and Techniques

Jan 26, 2016 - Nida Safdar -
How to Apply False Lashes - Tricks and Techniques
It is not too long before applying fake lashes was the biggest pain for me but thanks to this blog with eye makeup looks i realized that it is the practice which makes things perfect. After practicing and learning few tips online i now can apply them more easily. In today's post i will be sharing my thoughts on how to apply them and tips i have gathered so far.

First gather the things you need to apply fake lashes which must be your favorite Fake Lashes, Scissors, Lash Curler, Tweezers or Extension Applicator, Lash adhesive and Eye Liner. there are two ways to apply fake lashes. If you want dramatic look use strip fake eye lashes but for more natural look go for individual lashes.
Measure the Size of Fake eye lash and Trim the outer cornerMeasure the Size
First measure the lashes according to your eye lid length. Place them on the lid across the lash line, small side at inner corner. Do not place to close to the inner side of eyes as after application the fake lashes will hurt the eyes. Trim from the outer corner where lash hairs are longer. If you want to apply individual lashes cut the lash into three pieces.
 Prepare the Natural Lashes with curler and mascara - Featuring Jordana best length mascaraPrepare the Natural Lashes
Curl your natural lashes with eye lash curler. Some suggest to apply mascara after applying fake lashes but in my opinion applying a mascara coat before will give your natural lashes more hold which looks natural and above all applying mascara after application can lessen the life of your expensive false lashes. So it is totally up to your personal preference, i like it before.
How to apply Lash Adhesive or Glue to fals lashes - Featuring Sweet Touch Eye lash AdhesiveApplying Lash Adhesive or Glue
I have learnt the trick from Asma a prefessional makeup artist at my One day professional makeup workshop at Deplix College of Cosmetology. She suggests that you should put some lash glue on the back of your hand and let it wait for few seconds, i would say at least 30 seconds.
The right way to apply lash glue to fals lashes

Now run the eye lash strip along the glue focusing inner and outer corners of fake lash because mostly these parts slides when not attached properly. It is better to chose clear glue as black can be messy if put wrongly.
Applying False Lashes with TweezersApplying False Lashes
Hold your fake lash from the center with Tweezers or extension applicator and place on the center of natural lash line. Do not look in the mirror directly from front instead place the small mirror at your chin level and place the lash on natural lash line from lower angle. Place the lash as close as possible, press from corners and center with hands to blend lashes together. After the glue dries apply eye liner which will hold the lashes and hides the strip. You can also fill in the gaps if you find any to make them look natural.

I hope you find this post useful. You can see the looks i have created with fake eye lashes here. What tricks do you use to apply false lashes which made application easy for you?
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