These are the jeans to wear in 2023

Jan 19, 2023 - Guest -
These are the jeans to wear in 2023
Jeans never go out of style and are an item of clothing we can't get enough of. The jeans universe can be difficult to navigate and therefore we will give you a guide to which jeans models to look for this upcoming year.
More important than trends, is that you feel comfortable in the jeans that you are wearing. Find jeans that you enjoy wearing, that are easy to style and that you feel yourself in! Wear your size – it is way more comfortable!
The Mom Jeans
You can never go wrong with a great 90s mom jeans. The timeless cut that really became popular in the late 80s and early 90s are back again. If you love high-waisted trousers, you should definitely invest in a pair of mom jeans. These are stylish, comfortable and easy to style. It might not be as big of an investment as investing in hematology analyzers, but we promise you it will be worth it.
Boyfriend jeans
The oversized expression that the popular boyfriend jeans give is both stylish and relaxed. You can style the jeans with a belt if necessary, or just go all out and choose a pair of loose-fitting jeans without a belt. These jeans are great paired with a cool pair of sneakers and a tank top!
High-waisted Jeans
If you are in doubt about which jeans to get next, the safe choice is high-waisted jeans. In one way or another, these jeans will always be in style. These jeans will give you the illusion of longer legs, making you look like a supermodel! With these jeans, you will be comfortable, good-looking and trend aware. Pair them with your favorite shoes to complete the look.
Low rise jeans
One of the most inevitable trends of the 2000s has to be the low-waisted jeans, which, together with the miniskirt, large jewelery and the ugg boots, have once again found their way back into the fashion world. Whether the fit is flared, lose or with straight legs, there is no doubt that low-waisted jeans are here to stay. Find the model that suits you and the one you prefer the most.
Flared jeans
Flared jeans are perfect for those who do not want jeans that are neither completely loose nor completely tight. The cut was modern in the 2000s and is a look that is back again and here to stay. The flared jeans are easy to style and most likely comfortable to wear. These are for sure one of the fits you should invest in if it fits you budget!
Cargo jeans
The military-inspired jeans are one of our favorites at the moment. They are easy to style and can be dressed up or down, depending on the style you are going for. If you like to mix the masculine and feminine expression, cargo jeans are absolutely perfect. You can easily dress them with a blouse to make it more feminine or an oversized t-shirt to make it more masculine. The perfect jeans for any occasion.
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