Planning A Wedding On A Short Notice: 3 Tips For Success

May 23, 2023 - Felicity Scott -
Planning A Wedding On A Short Notice: 3 Tips For Success
Remember that one time you proposed to your partner? Now it's time to show the utmost gesture of love: a wedding. Planning a perfect wedding can be overwhelming for most people. It can be more challenging when you're majorly short on time.  

Keeping things simple is the key to planning a wedding on short notice. This blog outlines what you need to know about last-minute weddings. You'll learn the tips to employ to ensure you have an over-the-top celebration of your special day.  

How To Plan A Wedding On A Short Notice
Some people would say you will need more than one year to plan a wedding. It's true since venues and photographers can be fully booked in your area a year ahead. However, some situations might force you to tie the knot with your partner over the next three months or so. Here are tips you can use to ensure you have a memorable and successful wedding, even though you plan it over short notice:   

1. Formulate A Budget  
The budget for a wedding will vary from one couple to another. It might depend on venues, guest list, wedding dress, etc. For this reason, it's essential to take your time to ensure you understand your supposed spendings to avoid going over during the planning process.  

However, developing a wedding budget isn't an easy feat. How to create a pocket-friendly wedding? Here are factors to consider when developing your budget:  

Identify Your Financing
There are several ways you can use to fund your wedding: They include:   
  • Individual savings- usually, the couple will have some money in their accounts. Personal savings should cover more than just a wedding and two or three months of living expenses. Hence, it'll be easier to survive during emergencies such as job loss, medical bills, and more.  
  • Wedding Loans- sometimes, you might need more cash to finance the wedding. Today, there are many vendors you reach out to if you're looking to get a loan for your wedding. However, researching extensively is vital to ensure you get a lender offering lower interest rates.  
  • Contributions from family and friends- this is another financing option you can use. However, don't assume that your parents or coworkers are willing to help cover the wedding expenses. But try to ask if they can contribute anything to help lower the financial strain.  
Create The Guest List  
The number of guests will affect the total cost of your wedding. Knowing the number of people who may attend will ensure you have enough money to cater for expenses. Once you have created the guest list, please send it to the correct recipients. It will guarantee an updated list, which will help you formulate the final budget.  

2. Hire A Wedding Planner
It's another tip to ensure you plan a successful wedding on short notice. As mentioned above, planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and you may forget important things. However, an experienced wedding planner will take care of everything. It ranges from venue searching and booking looking for photographers, sending out invitations, and more. It ensures you have enough time to write your vows and other fundamentals.  

However, getting a reputable wedding planner can be a challenging task. Here are tips you can use to guarantee you get the right wedding planner, which will eventually contribute to the success of your wedding:  

  • Ask Your Social Network - ask for recommendations from friends and loved ones and make a list. Also, ensure you ask about their experience with their planner. If they didn't have the best experience, consider moving to the next vendor on your list.  
  • Define Your Needs - Please take your time to understand your specific needs. When is the big day? What kind of help do you need? Do you have a budget? Answering such questions will help you determine what to look for in a wedding planner.  
3. Remember What Is Important  
When planning a wedding at short notice, the most important thing is always remembering your priorities as a couple. Take your time to identify your priorities. It includes writing the vows, choosing the dress, and how to save money when buying jewelry. And most importantly, the fact that you love your partner and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Understanding your priorities ensures you enjoy your wedding day.   

Bottom Line
Planning a perfect wedding can be challenging for most people, which is truer when you do it on short notice. However, there are tips you can employ to guarantee you have a memorable wedding, despite having a limited time. They include developing a realistic budget, hiring a wedding planner, and understanding your priorities.
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