Milk Makeup Blur Stick, Review and Swatches

Oct 25, 2018 - Zubaida -
Milk Makeup Blur Stick, Review and Swatches
For flawless makeup, prepping your skin is very important which will not only provide smooth canvas for foundation but also make your makeup last longer. Primers are the most sort out product for this purpose but in last few years blurring stick got quite raved for their ease of use and silicon free formula. The most famous blur stick is Milk makeup blur stick, on which today i am going to share my thoughts.
Milk Makeup Blur StickProduct description
Brand claims that this stick is a universal face filter which blur pores, primes the skin and have light weight formula.
Milk Makeup Blur Stick Close upMilk Makeup Blur Stick
Before and after Milk Makeup Blur StickMy Thoughts
This product comes in twist up transparent plastic packaging with same cap. The product is pretty convenient to apply and carry around. The product have light beige color but on skin the color doesn't show up much. The texture is thick creamy which is little on drier side which makes it quite good for oily skin types.

The best way to apply it, is to warm it little on back side of hand and the directly rub on face where you want blurring effect like on open pores or fine lines. With little warming effect, this stick applies smoothly which on other hand can tug on skin. However you do not need a lot of rubbing, just one swipe is enough for its result to show. After rubbing directly from stick, you can adjust it little with fingers on like on eyelids and around nose. It is better to wait for a minute or to before applying any other product so that it melts into skin properly. If you have dry skin then you will need to moisturize before applying it.

Coming to the performance, it does blur pores to some extent but doesn't completely eliminate them which i think no product does. If you are going to apply further makeup like foundation, powder etc then you will notice that this stick does make your skin look more even with less pores and lines. The foundation looks more good with it then without it. However if you are expecting it be miracle worker for pores then you will be little disappointed. The brand also claims it to be 68% pore minimizer.

On the other hand if you have oily skin or living in humid weather, this stick does control shine for very long. It keeps the skin matte for almost whole day and prolong the makeup as well. For the same reason it is not very ideal for dry skin.

Overall this stick make your skin look more better and minimize pores to some extent. It keeps the skin shine free for very long and makeup last longer with it. For the price this product is OK in my opinion.

In Favor
  • Nice packaging
  • Provide even tone complexion
  • Keeps skin oil free for very long
  • Make makeup last longer
  • Minimize pores upto 60%
  • Silicon free
Not in Favor
  • Dry skin needs moisturization
  • If you are looking for better pore minimizer
  • Bit expensive

My Rating

Milk Makeup Blur Stick is priced $36
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