How to Master No Makeup Look with 5 Steps

Oct 06, 2021 - Ujala Safdar -
How to Master No Makeup Look with 5 Steps
Being makeup enthusiast doesn't mean you have to wear all the makeup every time. Some days we need our natural beauty to shine through. Little bit of touch ups with concealer is all we want but there are some tricks which can help you get natural glowing and radiant skin with minimum products. We are talking about the steps you need from your makeup routine along with few beauty care tips which can help you in longer run and give you the amazing looking skin everyday. 

1. Peel and Prime
We all know that proper exfoliation brings out the best of your skins natural radiance. Use a cleansing sponge with your scrub for extra effect and gently peel your face in circular motions to get your circulation going (don’t forget your neck!) Rinse off with cold water and while your skin is still wet, take a few drops of facial oil and quickly pat it into your skin until dry. This will lock in moisture and give your skin a great moisture boost. Add a serum that boosts your specific skin type and an energizing eye cream. To triple the effect of your base look, mix your favorite facial cream, primer and a few drops of your foundation into one and blend onto your skin for a flawless base. For some extra sparkle, add an illuminating cream on top.

2. Reflect and Glow
Glowy skin has been around for quite some time, and it doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon. While you don’t want to end up looking like a shiny mess, adding a lighter shadow to unconventional places of your face can truly work in your favor. After applying your base, touch up with a light reflecting concealer at the top of your cheekbones, on the center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the center of your chin and on your cupids bow. Last but not least, cover up any potential dark circles. Start with covering the bigger area with a thicker concealer, then dab on a light reflecting one on your bluest areas and finish off with (believe it or not) a subtle touch of a lighter shimmery eye shadow. The eye shadow will reflect the light a little extra and hide away any potential under-eye darkness. Also add some shadow to the highest points of your face.

3. Tame and Frame
There are few things as unique as your eyes, so why not let them be the center of attention? We suggest going for either a subtle look that will brighten your frame, or a darker one that will create definition. A super simple trick is to add a little glaze either only use a product like tender care and swipe it all over your eyelid for an eye-catching effect or go for a creamy eye shadow in a really bright color. If you want a more low-key look, add a nude shade of choice all over the lid and focus on highlighting the inner corners of your eyes with a white eyeliner and a dab of shimmer eye shadow. For more intensity, focus on adding a darker shade like grey all over your lid. If you need a little extra definition but still want a bare look, lightly dot a soft grey or brown pencil between the top lashes and the bottom lash line. Whatever look you might go for, make sure to style your brows accordingly, a groomed brow truly works wonders when it comes to framing your face.

4. A Bit of Color
You know when your lipstick is just about to fade, and there is a small hint of shade left on your lips? Keep that in mind – this is exactly the look we are going for. Even though a full-on red pout is a strong favorite, a gradient tint can really accentuate your skin tone and add that extra luster to your face. Pick a lip color that goes well with your skin tone. If you have fair skin, go for orange or peachy shades. For medium skin, try cranberry or mauvey hues. For deep skin, try cooler tones like brown or taupe. Start with dotting small amounts on to the middle of your bottom lip. Spread your color across the lip and use your finger or a cotton swab to spread and blend the color outward. Finish off with a clear gloss to perfect your subtle stain.

5. Blush
One thing that makes us all look great is a blushed cheek. it makes your skin come alive and adds more glow to your natural beauty. Whether you are more of a cream kind of person or swear by powders, choose a blush that matches your skins natural flush and enhances your skin tone. If you have trouble finding your shade, use your natural lip tone as a guide. In general, pink works for fairer skin tones, peachy for medium skin and brownish pink for darker skin. Blend your blush into areas where the sun would fall on your face, apples of your cheeks, forehead, chin and bridge of nose. Want a subtler flush? Avoid shimmery and sparkly blushes. Want to be extra? Choose a stronger blush color like orange and add highlighter on the apples of your cheek. It will certainly make them pop!
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