Lash Extensions Supply - How Long do Lash Extensions Last?

Nov 09, 2021 - Guest
Lash Extensions Supply - How Long do Lash Extensions Last?
For anyone who just got eyelash extensions, one of the questions on such people’s minds is “how long will this extension last?” If you have asked or wondered about this question, then you are about to get your answer in this article.

Not only will we provide you with the duration of how long lash extensions last, but we will also tell you the factors that determine the longevity of your eyelash extension. This includes your eyelashes’ growth cycle, the type of Lash Extensions Supply used, etc.
Keep reading to find out all these and more…

What Lash Extensions Are
If you are reading this, then it means you at least have a vague idea of what these items are. Even if you have a lot of knowledge about these items, it doesn’t hurt to still get a little bit of explanation.

Therefore, eyelash extensions are fibers of hair with semi-permanent features that can be applied and attached to the natural eyelash of an individual using a special type of glue.

The fibers are either mink, silk, or synthetic. The style of the lash is dependent on what a person prefers. The minimum number of fiber a lash can hold is 1 while the maximum is 10.

Application of Lash Extensions
The reason we are discussing this is that the process of applying this item has a significant effect on how long they last. The process involves gluing a particular fiber per time to the natural eyelash. The technician will attach the extension fiber to the natural lash’s base.

During the application, if the process doesn’t go smoothly as desired, the possibility of fallout is increased. Some of the reasons why the process may not go as desired include:

  1. The amount of cyanoacrylate adhesive used was not enough. Visit to read up on cyanoacrylate.
  2. The number of synthetic fibers used was too much.
  3. The glue didn’t dry properly.
How Long Lash Extensions Last

How Long They Last
Before we spill the beans, it is necessary we reveal the reason fallouts occur. The longevity of the extension on your natural eyelash is determined by your eyelash’s natural hair growth cycle. Since eyelashes are basically hair, they also experience normal hair growth as well as fallout which other hairs on the human body experience.

This cycle mentioned above has a duration of 6 – 8 weeks.

Hence, when it gets to week 6 of the hair growth cycle, your normal eyelashes begin to shed or fall out. This is a normal phenomenon which you shouldn’t worry about.

During this period, the attached extension will also begin to fall out since they are glued to your eyelashes. Therefore, once the time for the natural fallout is due, irrespective of when you had your lash extension fixed, they will begin to fall out as well.

As a result, many technicians advise their clients to book appointments in advance as these things cannot be predicted. Also, proper education will enable clients to understand that it is not a result of the incompetence of the technician that caused the fallout, but just a natural cycle of hair growth.

Other Reasons Responsible for Premature Eyelash Extension Fallout
Apart from the hair growth cycle that causes the fallout of these extensions, other factors could easily be responsible. Knowing these things will help you to keep your lashes looking lavish for a long time.

One of the main culprits for this problem is the failure to begin the aftercare process as at the time recommended by the technician. Many folks run back to their technician complaining without knowing that they were responsible for the issue in the first place.
When you fail to administer the aftercare to keep the extension in good shape, it might end up falling out.

It is also important that the extensions don’t get moist or wet for the initial two days after their application. This is an important rule that must be kept.

Furthermore, you are to avoid the use of oil-based makeup products. The reason for this is that oils are known to break down glue’s chemical composition. Click here to learn ways to get glue off your skin. Hence, keeping such products away will ensure that your fixes last for a long time.

Many folks wonder how long their eyelash extensions will last each time they fix them. In the article above, we have been able to provide the answer and solutions to this nagging worry.