Is Scottish Jewelry the Same as Celtic Jewelry?

May 22, 2023 - Guest -
Is Scottish Jewelry the Same as Celtic Jewelry?
Celtic jewelry features some of the most beautiful designs around. These intricate designs are featured in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. While the Celts are connected to Scottish culture, Scottish jewelry isn’t the same as Celtic jewelry.
The history of the Celtic people involves Irish, Scottish, and Welsh heritage. A look at these ancient people will reveal how Scottish culture has Celtic roots.
Who Were the Celts?
The Celts lived in areas spread out from the Black Sea all the way to Spain, a collection of smaller tribes. They shared a common language and culture. They were also heroic warriors that defended their people.
The Romans thought them to be savages, but the Celts were ahead of their time. They crafted art and jewelry and had fascinating philosophies. Since they lived during the Iron Age, much of their works were fashioned from iron. This includes the jewelry they are still known for today, recognizable with intricate patterns and spirals.
It’s almost amusing to think that the Romans thought the Celts were so uncivilized, particularly since the Celts were the first people to wear pants in Europe. They didn’t write down their teachings as they feared this knowledge would fall into the wrong hands. Instead, they had Druid storytellers, each one passing these stories along of the Celtic culture. These storytellers also verbally passed along the laws of Celtic culture, which is why they are still seen as mysterious people.
How Celtic Jewelry Is Associated with Scotland
Around 700 BC, a Celtic tribe known as the Picts lived in Scotland. They had colorful tattoos and wore a style of jewelry that was similar to the jewelry that many other Celtic tribes wore. The Scottish people used jewelry for practical reasons. During the time the Celts were around, they didn’t wear many rings.
They did, however, use kilt pins and brooches to hold their clothing in place. Bronze and silver were commonly used to craft these wearable works of art.
While there are many similarities, the other types of Scottish jewelry did not involve the Celts. Scottish Pebbles are just one example. Scottish people still wear Victorian and Edwardian pieces today.
During the 1800s, Scotland was more accessible due to the construction of rail lines. This made it easier for tourists to discover the land. They began bringing back Scottish items, and it wasn’t long before Celtic jewelry was known as a form of Scottish jewelry.
You can see different types of brooch designs that are often used in Celtic-style Scottish jewelry, such as penannular brooches that usually have the shape of a horseshoe with a sword slicing through it. Another popular item is the Luckenbooth, which was first sold as a brooch but can be found in other types of jewelry.
The Luckenbooth features a design with two hearts united together, making it a lovely engagement present. Celtic and Scottish jewelry make beautiful gifts that tie into this incredible ancient heritage. To find jewelry with Scottish roots, you can visit
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