How to Make Your Damged Hairs Silky and Shiny

May 18, 2022 - Zubaida -
How to Make Your Damged Hairs Silky and Shiny
With changing weather, the damage it leaves on your hairs needs to be reversed. Specially in summers the sun can effect your hairs very badly and you need to sort them out ASAP. First of all evaluate your hairs and write down the issues they are facing. Are your hairs dry? scalp is Itchy? have damaged ends? While you do need to treat your hairs and rejuvenate them but the scalp is where you should start.

DIY Scalp Treatment
You have focus on the scalp because the healthy scalp will grow healthy hairs. For healthy scalp you can try natural remedies to clean he build up and impurities which can be resulted from different products and chemicals you use on your hairs. In summers due to excessive sweating, you can also have itchy scalp and shampooing too often can also result in more damaged hairs. The best way is to keep the scalp clean and nourished. For home remedy you can try mixing organic apple cider vinegar with hot water in a spray bottle for a natural spritz that works as a purifier and detoxifier. It’s like a facial for your scalp. This mixture tightens up the hair cuticles and gets rid of impurities underneath the hair root. By getting the chemicals and product buildup out, you’re giving your
hair life from the root.

Health and Hydration
Organic oils can also go a long way in soothing the scalp and replenishing lost moisture zapped away by the sun. Both organic
coconut and argan oil add moisture without buildup. Once you’ve taken care of your scalp, examine how you’re treating your hair in the shower. Use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners for gentle but effective cleansing without any harsh chemicals. And just as important as the products you use is the way you use them. Try two tablespoons of product for shampoo and about two-to-three times as much for conditioner. Always use shampoo at the scalp and move towards the ends of hair, but keep conditioner away from the scalp completely to avoid buildup.

Time to Shine
Also make sure to shampoo with lukewarm water to open up hair follicles and rinse with cold water to seal everything up and boost shine. Because hair is vulnerable when soaking wet, be sure to towel dry thoroughly before applying heat or product on hair. Because your hair is so flexible when it’s wet, it’s even easier to damage it. You don’t want to cause any additional stress to the hair or scalp so that it overproduces oil. Regardless of your hair type, a trim between seasons is always recommended. Not only is it
an easy way to get rid of split ends and sun-damaged hair, it’s also nice to have a new style for a new season.
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