How To Safely Transport Liquids On A Plane

If you are a frequent flyer on commercial planes, you will know that airlines have strict policies on how you can carry liquids in your baggage. They have such strict policies because some liquids can be combustible, which could cause serious harm to the safety of the people inside. Read more >>

Change Your Game With Yowu Headphones

Since the pandemic hit the world, everyone has come to realize that you need some time for yourself and apart from your daily busy routine, find your favorite hobbies, exercise, or play games. Video games were already very popular amongst the young generation but now the older ones also want to play and enjoy their free time. For the best experience and to really enjoy your time, you must need good apparatus and nobody can deny the importance of having good headphones which not only provide amazing sound, help in gaming features but also feel comfortable to wear. Read more >>

Jugnu's Salon: A Renowned Salon Now in Faisalabad

Ever since the pandemic has fallen upon us, life has become quite slow-paced with no big events and no rush. The first year has been spent by fear of getting out and interacting with others but now that vaccine has been introduced and the wise are getting vaccinated, life is somehow coming back on track. As of now you can go out, have gatherings and treat yourself to good beauty care services but mind it, choose the place wisely where they have high standards of hygiene and follow sops. One such place is a renowned salon called Jugnu's salon which has opened its branch in Faisalabad. Read more >>

Uniwigs: A Perfect Place to Buy All Sort of Wigs

Are you the one who loves to flaunt different styles and wear looks that make a statement? The wigs are the best option to get instant change in style without going to salons and spending too much. You can have all hairstyles long, short, straight, curly, colored just on the tips of your fingers. It really is not a bad idea to have totally different hairstyle for every event. On top of that, you don't have to harm your natural hairs with heating tools or by coloring them or worst detangle them from a big hairdo at the end of the day. apart from fashion, Read more >>

Milanoo: Perfect Place to Shop This Summer

The summer is at full peak and if you have plans for summer vacations, obviously not to a crowded place, because of Hello Corona! then you might be looking for a place to buy some good summer wear and shoes. The best option is to buy online where you can search and find amazing designs and get them delivered to your home. This way is safe and saves you a lot of time from going out and shop, instead you can search and plan a good trip with your family or friends who are vaccinated. Read more >>

Best Sephora Favorites Sets-Collection for Holiday Season 2019

Sephora Favorites Sets are something, for which i keep my eyes every year. You can try high end and best beauty or makeup products in very low price compared to their regular one which are reduced to more then half. Though off course not all products are full size and small sizes may disappoint you but in my opinion you almost get good deal and it is better to try sample size then buying full product and not liking it later. Read more >>

Tatcha Limited Edition Sets With Best Value for Money

Tatcha have some amazing products which are truly effective and every one is loving them. I have tried Tatcha silk canvas primer and absolutely loved it. Though this Japanese brand prices are on higher side but you can try them on very low price this holiday season. They are introducing following sets and you better get them as soon as possible before they are gone for good. Read more >>