Favorite Games to Play for Stress Relief

Apr 15, 2021 - Zubaida -
Favorite Games to Play for Stress Relief
The year 2020 had been hard for people all around the world and the year 2021 is not being easy as well. These difficult times have brought a lot of stress about different things in which as how to pass your time when you cannot go out and socialize. Not only spending time can be challenging but can also lower your morale which is harmful to your immunity. Social media went all rage over how the celebrities and influencers spend their time working out, cooking, gardening, and whatnot while disturbing the common person by making them think how lazy and unimaginative they are. However, they don't realize that all these things may motivate some but can also bring anxiety and stress to many more who are already going through difficult times.

The thing which can ease your mind and bring joy is to do something which is enjoyable while keeping you busy. That thing which comes to my mind is to play. I know we cannot play cricket, soccer, basketball, etc because we cannot go outside and make team with multiple players, however, you can still play amazing online games on your smartphone or laptop which have some physiological benefits as well. Now if you are tired of installing games and then getting bored of that one then try an online place called plays.org where you can find hundreds of free games and play them without installing.
Plays.org online games
They have many categories from which more then one will definitely attract you. Whether you love playing arcades, puzzles, simulations or games related to sports like golf, soccer, then you are going to love this site which offers so many options that you will not get bored with them. You can also find games which include multiple players like Ludo board game which can be played with 2 to 4 players.

My personal favorite is puzzles, logic and pattern. Not that i am very sharp minded and intend to boost but these type of games let you think, focus and clear your brain fog which is quite important in real life as well. So if you cannot focus on the task in hand then try these type of games for some time and you will feel the difference. Apart from these games simulation games are also very interesting from which nowadays my favorite is Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game which let me keep the hospital clean from virus and prevent the spread of this bad virus.
Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game
Apart from these learning games, there are also games related to education, math and physics. So if you want to enjoy plus keep learning then these games are perfect for you. These games are also perfect for your kids, who miss going out and just love to overturn things in their way while running around in house. These games can surely give some relaxed time while keeping them engaged.

Other then that if you would like to keep your self on the edge and want a good time out from your daily work then i will suggest you to try games from shooting, car and flying which will let you enjoy the fast paced rides and shoots without thinking too much.

All in all, this is the place i mostly reach out when i need stress relief or want some time out from my daily tasks. I am definitely not bound to play only one game or even category for long while also not worrying of games taking too much space in my phone as it is online and you just play and choose another when ever you want without installation.
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