Common Mistakes to Avoid to Look Slim and Smart

Nov 24, 2022 - Sughra Sultana -
Common Mistakes to Avoid to Look Slim and Smart
What clothes should be avoided so as not to visually add a few kilos? Plus-size models have been taking over the fashion world lately. Nevertheless, many girls continue to worry about extra pounds, imaginary or real. Nonetheless if you feel comfortable in what ever you want to wear, go for it. This post is just an idea to give you some tips to look slim, if you are looking for any suggestions. Sometimes we, without suspecting it, add extra volumes to ourselves, and not at the refrigerator, but at the closet, putting on things that visually fill us up.

Today we're going to share a few clothing mistakes that can make any girl look fuller.

1. Horizontal stripes
Wide black and white stripes are considered a trend this summer. But not all fashionable prints are equally useful for the figure. For example, horizontal stripes can visually add a couple of kilograms. To avoid this, choose stripes that are vertical or diagonal.

2. Oversize
Keep a balance: if the top of the set is voluminous, then the bottom should be tight-fitting. Make sure your wrists are open. This simple technique will help to play advantageously on the contrast of voluminous clothes and the thinnest parts of the body. As a result, the figure will appear more fragile.

3. Assemblies
Numerous assemblies (especially in combination with a shiny or bright fabric) always add volume, so things with such a decorative element are only suitable for slender girls.

4. Layering
Layering is another fashion trend that adds extra volume. In order not to get extra centimeters, give up too complex sets, such as a shirt over which a sweater is worn, then a vest, and on top also a voluminous coat. Use clothes made of thin fabrics with fitted silhouettes. You can put on a sheath dress, a light-fitting jumper on top and throw on a fitted jacket. And don't forget the wrist or ankle trick, it works here too.

5. Shiny fabric
No matter how the shine of the fabric attracts us, do not wear clothes made of satin or leather if you are not one hundred percent sure of your figure. Overflows on the fabric reflect light and visually add volume in unnecessary places. If you really want to, use a shiny fabric only as a finish.

6. Smaller clothes
Sometimes we consciously buy clothes a size smaller, and sometimes we find things in our own wardrobe that we “seem to fit into”. Putting on small jeans, we can notice that the stomach has crept into them, but we don’t notice that the sides treacherously hang down. The same with the dress - it may seem that in a smaller dress the figure looks slimmer. But the treacherous fabric folds and tight seams speak for themselves.

7. Shoulder pads
Shoulder pads and voluminous decor in the sleeves make the figure wider and divert attention from the beautiful neckline - the dignity of many women. If you want to avoid this effect, pick clothes with a precise fit and with a V-neck, which visually slims.

8. Colorful prints
A real failure for a full lady can turn into a choice of large, voluminous and too contrasting prints. Such colorful and active drawings will only increase the figure and divert attention from its merits. Of course, with pronounced fullness, it is best to use plain and concise clothes. But prints should not be discounted either - motifs with minimal contrast and medium size can look very advantageous. Out of competition and a vertical strip, which perfectly stretches the silhouette.

9. Cropped trousers
No matter how relevant and stylish this style may seem, it is worth recognizing that it is categorically not suitable for obese women. Wide trousers up to the middle of the calf or above the ankle are considered to be a deliberately losing option - this style visually shortens the silhouette, accentuates the fullness and breaks the proportions.

10. Ruffles
With a full figure, all kinds of volumetric decor are also considered a contraindication. Ruffles, frills and active applications can be included in this category. Frequent pleating also does not affect the full figure in the best way.

11. Big bag
Although such an accessory boasts incredible spaciousness and practicality, it still does not fit with a full figure, as it focuses on large proportions. This effect works against you to the maximum if you carry the bag near the problem area - for example, on your elbow next to full hips.
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