7 Best trending Tools for Your Hair which Actually work

Jun 20, 2021 - Nida Safdar -
7 Best trending Tools for Your Hair which Actually work
Taking care of your hairs are as important as your skin. They need hydration, massage, cleansing and overall good care to look healthy and luscious. A good hair care doesn't need to be too time consuming or tiring but weekly massage with good hair oil and daily its and bits can save you a lot of money, you are spending on products which can ultimately be harmful. I am talking about few gadgets which can protect your hairs from damage and regular use can avoid dull looking hairs with split ends. Yes i am talking about tools and not products  which is topic for another day. So let me tell you about these amazing tools.

1. Microfiber Towel
The conventional towels are the enemy of your hairs. If you don't already know, they are the reason for those split ends and dry texture of hairs. I hope you are not still rubbing your hairs with towels after washing them, if yes, then stop doing it in future. The best way to remove excessive water from your hair is to pat and squash your hairs with soft fabric like microfiber towel. You can also fold hairs in this towel for few minutes to let it soak the water.

2. Scalp Massager
Scalp health is most important in having better looking, healthy hairs. Though oil massaging with your fingers, is amazing but a good scalp massager is very important. They remove dead skin and improve blood circulation, making hair follicles more healthy. It keeps the skin clean and protect it from product buildup, in fact with massager your products will absorb much better. On top of that it relaxes your mind and can help you with good sleep.

3. Silk Pillowcase
Recently the silk pillow case trend have risen and every one is talking about this pretty easy thing to do while sleeping which can protect not only your hairs but also skin from friction and loosing their shine. If you have rough textured hairs and wake up with really messy charged hairs all over you, then you definitely need this change. These pillows prevents wrinkles on skin and protects hairs from mechanical damage. Once you become used to of silk pillow, you wont look back and would fall in love with them, making your sleep more sound and beauty more enhanced.

4. Silk Turban
Apart from sleeping on silk, you can also secure your hairs in silk turban at night for protecting them against friction and if you are up for any styling like curling, then these turbans are perfect to hold those curls for night without adding extra charge in them. These turbans are mostly perfect for curly and wavy hairs. Using them at night will keep their hairs looking better in morning without all those frizz and fly aways which you need to tame with products.

5. Silk Scrunchies or Bands
Hello silk again! Looks like the silk has been discovered as ultimate savior for hairs. All those trending silk scrunchies and bands or even scarfs are not just for fashion, they are your hair protectors. They protect your hairs from breaking like the other bands do. They keep them in place without charging them and making them frizzy. You will notice less fall comparing to other bands like rubber or elastic ones. Buy them in different colors and style them as you like without worrying about breaking of hairs.

6. Denman D3 Brush for Curly Hair

If your are struggling with your curly hairs the invest in Denman D3 brush. It has more pins which are placed together and can define your curls in better way. You can use it during application of conditioner or while defining the curls. The curly beauties around the world are not praising this brush for nothing, they say it enhance the ringlet of curls and de tangle knots easily.

7. Dyson Supersonic Dryer
Although it is best to air dry your hairs but if you wan to use dryer, use the best one out there. Dyson supersonic is no doubt the best dryer which not only dry hairs in less time but also protects against frizz with their technology. It is considered the safest dryer out there in market, so invest in better if you must need it.

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