Best Maybelline Mascara Comparison and Review

Mar 07, 2016 - Zubaida -
Best Maybelline Mascara Comparison and Review
Can makeup look be completed without mascara? No way. Whether you are doing every day natural makeup or going for some glamorous touch, without mascara your eyes look empty and lonely. Even though if you are going to wear false lashes you still need your natural lashes to stand with them by putting some mascara. There is so many options available that one can easily get tired of choosing the perfect one. Just imagine Maybelline the one brand have tons of mascaras to offer. I actually love their mascaras a lot and have been wearing them for years. I have tried some different types and instead reviewing them separately today i am going to share the comparison so you can decide the one best for you because mascara is one thing which depends person to person like length and thickness of your lashes, application methods and so much more.
Described as to provide most colossal lashes in just one coat without clumps.

Maybelline colossal mascara is perfect for volumizing and separating lashes. The good thing about this mascara is it doesn't clump the lashes and you get good volume without spidery lashes look unless you go for second coat without first drying plus it does hold the curl for very long. On the other hand it doesn't add much length to your lashes. So if you are looking for natural looking volume this can work for you. The wand bristles are thick which works great for upper lashes but have to be careful with lower and inner lashes or you can poke your eye.

Best For: If you need volume with separating lashes but length is not big issue.
Described that its spoon brush fans out lashes which instantly builds volume without clumping.

This mascara gives lashes more volume and length then Colossal one but more coats will add clumps to your lashes giving it the look of more volume. The brush of this mascara is tricky to use. The one side is wide with small bristles and one side with long bristles. There are so many beauty bloggers advise to use the small bristles side for both upper and lower lashes and i agree to that idea. It push your lashes up and gives them more curl and volume.

Best For: If you need good volume and length and little clumps do not bother you.
Tip: New one can cause smearing and flaking while the formula is thin. With time the formula will get thick and it will not flake.

Described to give you most explosive, beautiful lashes ever, its supersonic brush with micro bristles will give you big, sleek volume instantly.

This mascara give amazing volume and length like falsies but the brush is far better then falsies. It is easy to use and reach each and every lashes perfectly. It does add clumps to lashes making them look like voluminous. So if you need natural looking lashes this is not for you but if you have thin, sparse lashes this is perfect. The formula dries into complete matte finish giving the lashes very good hold throughout the day. It is supposed to be dupe of Benefit They're real Mascara

Best For: If you need very good volume and length, it is perfect for thin sparse lashes.

Described as having fanning brush with 10 layers of bristles which reveals a full flourish of lashes.

This mascara is perfect for separating long lashes. The brush is very unique fan shaped and have small and long bristles. The brush is tricky to use, it is advised to use small bristle for root lashes and long bristles for tips. Once you get hold of the brush this mascara is pretty amazing. However it doesn't add much volume to lashes. It lengthen the lashes and hold the curl for long. Lash Sensational is supposed to be a good dupe for the Benefit Rollerlash mascara.

Best For: If you need separating and more length in lashes, it doesn't clump and adds a little volume.
Tip: Use small bristles for first coat and then use the large bristles for other coat to define.

Described to have formula which glides on smoothly to give great looking lashes without clumps or globs.

This mascara can be hit or miss for some and i have found it some how good for me. It adds the decent length and volume to lashes with out clumps unless you go overboard with multiple coats without drying the previous ones. The best thing is it holds the curl like no other and the blackest black gives a perfect black color to lashes and defines them.

Best for: Define your natural looking lashes with out extreme volume or extreme length but holds the curl perfectly.

Overall If i had to pick the one From them, The Rocket Mascara is one i would pick. The brush is easy to use and adds tons of volume to your lashes. It works for thin sparse lashes. The Lash sensational Mascara is a great pick too but the brush is little tricky to use otherwise it performs similar to The Rocket one.

Which mascara do you like from Maybelline range and why?
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