7 Wardrobe Hacks For Plus Size Women

Jan 08, 2023 - Nisha Qasim -
7 Wardrobe Hacks For Plus Size Women
It's no secret that plus size women have a much harder time choosing clothes. What if you want to dress stylishly, but most mass-market stores offer clothes for girls in a standard size? Take advantage of special clothing lines for large women and choose the right images. Here are some tips from a stylist for plus size girls.

Of course, when choosing a wardrobe for plus-size women, there is also a psychological barrier: in the modern world there is a certain standard of beauty, and this standard is far from dedicated to ladies with curvaceous shapes. Although many fashion houses have started working with plus size models, xs size models are still looking at us from glossy covers, skinny ones are walking along the catwalks.

First of all, you need to accept and love your body, regardless of size: you don’t need to look for flaws in yourself, you need to look for virtues. Realize what is of paramount importance at the moment in life, and what should not be paid attention to.

And stop thinking that only petite women can dress stylishly and elegantly. We have collected life hacks for you that will help you choose fashionable clothes for "appetizing" ladies.

1. Emphasize what you like to Emphasize
Those parts of the body that you consider your strengths. Your "chocolate" sides can be, for example, shining eyes, beautifully defined cheekbones, luxurious neckline, muscular arms, lush buttocks, long legs. What do you like most about yourself? Focus on these parts in your images.

If you want to emphasize the eyes, then you can wear glasses with the original frame. Attention to a beautiful neckline will be attracted by an elongated accessories. If you have beautiful legs, you can wear a shorter dress.

You can also make a color accent on your favorite part of the body. For example, if you have thin wrists, you can put a bright bracelet on your hand. If you have a thin waist, use a bright belt. If you have thin ankles, bright, accent shoes will do. And do not get hung up on the nuances of the figure that you do not really like.

2. Show thin
Open the slender parts of the body. If we show thin wrists and ankles, the image will look lighter. It is important to choose the correct length of the dress or skirts. Such waist products should not end at the widest part of the leg. The same recommendation applies to the selection of boots or boots, ankle boots.

3. Stick to colors
Collect monochrome looks. What is monochrome? This is when clothes are designed in one color or in similar shades. This technique will give the kit lightness and stretch the silhouette. And it doesn't have to be black or grey. With this technique, you can safely experiment in shades of any color.

4. Accessories: size matters
Follow the rule of scale in details and accessories. If you are a plus size girl, then it is better to choose accessories of medium or large size. Let's go through the different types of accessories.

Bags: Mini handbags will only accentuate your shape, it is better if they are larger. Choose more structural bags that have a strict geometry. Soft, shapeless tend to emphasize the roundness of the figure.

Accessories: Give preference to necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings of medium or large size.

Shoes: Choose shoes with medium, stable heels. Shoes with tiny heels, kitten heel or thin heels will not look very harmonious on a plus size figure. Don't forget the details of the shoes. For example, sandals with very thin straps can also emphasize a large foot. With a full leg, ballet flats with thin soles should also be avoided. But this rule does not work if, with a large figure, you have thin ankles and slender legs. If you are not a fan of wearing heels, then shoes that match your skin color will help visually stretch your height.

5. No bulky oversized bits
Try to avoid bulky oversized bits. For example, patch pockets can visually enlarge the chest or hip area.

6. Stretch the silhouette
Use vertical lines in the image. What does it mean? Over a blouse, shirt or top, you can wear an elongated cardigan, jacket or vest, but do not fasten it. This creates a vertical line in the middle, and this will help elongate the silhouette. Vertical lines also serve as arrows on trousers or any vertical seams on clothing.

7. Don't be tight
Don't choose too tight clothes - this can only emphasize fullness. Look for loose or semi-adjacent silhouettes. Look at the fabric from which the clothes are made. It is important to avoid thin and flowing materials. Such fabrics can only emphasize all the nuances of the figure. For example, knitted thin turtlenecks or cardigans will not look very advantageous on a curvaceous figure. Therefore, choose fabrics of medium density.
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