Best Eye Makeup Brushes by Sigma Beauty

Jun 10, 2015 - Zubaida -
Best Eye Makeup Brushes by Sigma Beauty
Good makeup brushes create a whole lot difference in you makeup look, trust me. I used to do my makeup with ordinary makeup brushes but since i have used a brushes from Sigma beauty, i am totally hooked to them. With these brushes you get right amount of product with good color payoff and a lot of difference is visible in smudging and blending. In this post i will share 6 best Sigma eye brushes must have for flawless eye makeup.
Sigma Basic Eye Brush Kit includes E40, E20, E30, E55 and E06
The 5 eye brushes which include E40, E06, E30, E55 and E20 are from Sigma basic eye kit set and one brush E25 is single blending brush. There are many other eye brushes in sigma collection but these are some of the basic ones from which you can achieve flawless eye makeup. Lets explore these brushes one by one.
Sigma E40 - Tapered Blending

E40 - Tapered Blending

This brush has soft and long bristles which are not dense and have round shape. This brush is great for applying base shade on whole lid and can be used on brow bone for highlighters. It provides great movement across the eye lid and blend eye shadow like dream. This is one of my favorite brush.
Sigma E25 - Blending

E25 - Blending

This brush is tapered but fluffy having dense and soft bristles. I love this brush for blending and applying shades on outer corner and crease. It is one must brush for blending.
Sigma E55 - Eye Shading

E55 - Eye Shading

I have reviewed this brush separately here. It is great to apply shimmery or matte shades on the lid perfectly and is one of my most used brush.
Sigma E20 - Short Shader

E20 - Short Shader

This brush have soft precise head which is perfect for to apply color on smaller areas like under eye smudging, outer crease for cut crease or for high lighting brow bone.
Sigma E06 - Winger Liner

E06 - Winged Liner Brush

This brush have stiff bristles with small angle which is perfect for precise line either for winged liner or straight line. If you struggle applying eye liner this brush will be game changer for you.
Sigma E30 - Pencil

E30 - Pencil

It is long round brush having dense but little stiff bristles.I love this brush to apply color on lower lash line and can be used to highlight inner corners. It is perfect to work with crease and help creating cut crease look.

These are basic eye brushes you need for every day makeup look. If you are makeup enthusiast and want to enhance your makeup skills to next level, Sigma ultimate eye brush set will be perfect for you. You can buy these Sigma eye brushes individually or with their basic eye kit which includes two more brushes.

Do you have Sigma brushes? Which one is your favorite?
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