4 Tips For The Perfect DIY Gel Manicure

May 11, 2023 - Guest -
4 Tips For The Perfect DIY Gel Manicure
Doing your own gel manicure has become more and more popular over the years since the pandemic. Whereas once upon a time you had to go into a salon, now you can do your nails yourself. Unlike regular nail polish, gel polish has a long-lasting glossy finish that won't chip as quickly as regular nail polish.

If you can apply it correctly, a gel manicure can last you up to three weeks. However, if you manage to miss crucial steps, you could find yourself with a gel manicure that doesn't only chip quickly but doesn't look as good as it could. If you're ready to learn the best tips for the perfect DIY gel manicure, then read on.

Prep Is Key
Preparation is key when it comes to achieving a flawless gel manicure. Start by removing the shine from your nails with a 240-grit file which is enough to mattify your nails without damaging the actual nail bed. Once you mattify your nails you should gently push back your cuticles using either a metal cuticle pusher or a wooden stick.

If there are a considerable amount of cuticles, then you might want to consider using cuticle remover liquid.  This will help soften your cuticles and make them easier to push back and if need be, trim.

Buy Quality Products
If your gel manicures aren't lasting for very long, then chances are it's because you aren't buying the right products. Make sure that you invest in high-quality materials from the primer to the polish. In addition to the actual polish and top coat, you also want to make sure that you have the proper lamps. Using a poor-quality lamp will result in under-cured gel which will lead to chipping sooner.

Apply Thin Coats
One of the biggest DIY mistakes that you can make when applying your own gel polish is applying thick coats. The secret to a beautiful gel manicure is applying two to three very thin coats curing between each one.

First, apply your base coat, and cure for 30 to 60 seconds, then add your first coat of gel polish. Cure again as many times as needed, and when you see the color is pigmented enough, you can top it with a top coat.

Take Care of Your Nails
Once your nails are cured, it's important that you take care of your manicure. That means not exposing your nails to harsh products like cleaning solutions, excessive chlorine, or acetone.  

Lastly, you want to make sure that you never use your nails as tools. If you use your nails to try and pry things open or scratch rough surfaces, your manicure will chip in no time!  Treat your gel manicure as if it were a piece of jewelry, and it will last much longer!
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