Makeup Foundation Types and How to Choose Best Formula for your Skin

Foundation is one of the most important makeup product which can make your skin look flawless, natural and give it a healthy glow. It helps covering imperfections and blemishes while smoothing out uneven skin tones. The right choice will appear on your skin like a second skin making you look more young while the wrong one will look like a unnatural mask adding more years to your age. However as much as it is most important thing for your makeup, it is also very difficult to choose. Read more >>

How to DIY Sheet Masks for Your Skin

When your skin is dehydrated, dull and you need instant dose of freshness then sheet masks are your best bet. These masks provide great amount of hydration while making your skin glowing and healthy looking. Most importantly in summers, our skin do need this treat after bearing so much form the heat and harsh environment and if you are daily makeup wearer then you should include sheet masking in your beauty routine. It will protect your skin form blemishes and irritation while hydrating. Read more >>

Perfect Skincare Steps Regimen on How to Build a Skin Care Routine

The rise in pollution is a big concern in our country. It is leading to various problems, one such is a skin problem. Having healthy skin is a blessing in today's world but that is not enough. One should take care of their skin. It is not enough to buy expensive skincare products. One must know how to use it to get flawless skin. Everyone is super conscious about their skin these days and hence various brands that are available in the market are generating a lot of business. The best Swiss skincare brands have also got a good amount of market share and highly popular among the people. People should have proper knowledge about their skin before they make a purchase decision. Read more >>

Best Tools for Taking Care of your Hairs

Taking care of your hairs are as important as your skin. They need hydration, massage, cleansing and overall good care to look healthy and luscious. A good hair care doesn't need to be too time consuming or tiring but weekly massage with good hair oil and daily its and bits can save you a lot of money, you are spending on products which can ultimately be harmful. I am talking about few gadgets which can protect your hairs from damage and regular use can avoid dull looking hairs with split ends. Read more >>

Basics of Cleansing and How to Choose Best Product for Your Skin

Cleansing is the most important thing in your beauty routine to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and protecting from different skin issues. It is understandable to clean properly your skin which can be damaged from the harsh environment, sun exposure, chemicals from products, makeup, etc. Even the treatment products like acne, anti-aging need to be removed properly at the end of the day. The cleanser will remove all the impurities from the skin while also eliminating the micro-organisms from the environment and potentially improves the barrier function of the skin. Resulting in giving the natural glow to your skin and a chance to really shine through. Read more >>

Beauty Routine for Anti-Aging Skin

A beauty routine for good-looking and healthy skin is really important, no matter what age are you. It is better to start early and take care of your skin daily. However, as you age, you need different products to keep your skin looking plump, healthy, and glowing. You need to make few changes in those beauty steps to keep those wrinkles at bay as your skin age. For aging skin, you need to add products that have content of vitamins A and E, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, collagen-boosting properties, and peptides, as these are all known to help in reducing wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging. Read more >>

15 Best at Home Skin and Hair Treatments

Buying expensive products and building your skin and hair routine is quite attractive and effective no doubt. But how about that we can do most of these treatments at home with products which are at our disposal for most of the time. They do need your time but you will have ease of mind that all these products are free of any chemicals and will not harm your skin or hair later. I am sharing 15 best home made treatments for you skin and hairs which are very effective and very easy to make and apply. Read more >>