Natural Handmade Flower and Hush Parfum Pur by Call of Vialed - Review

A good fragrance can not only lift your spirit but also leaves a good long lasting impression on others and if these scents are aromatherapeutic and made of 100% organic ingredients then you are also absorbing the goodness of nature which will bring calmness, fixation, relief, enhance mental stamina and open doors for creativity as well. Call of Vialed is such creation of Lauren Blevins who believes in the powerful mind/body/beauty benefits of plants. Each vial represents the sense of well-being conjured by caring for the self and the planet. Every last drop is hand-blended, and all launches are highly edited. I have received the Flower and Hush Parfum Pur from their four parfum range and today i am sharing the goodness in these vials. Read more >>

Best Arabic Perfumes in Pakistan

The usage of perfumes are recorded from ancient civilizations but do you know the Arabs contributed to perfect the extraction of fragrances through steam distillation and introducing new raw materials which greatly influenced Western perfumery and scientific developments. There was one time when the uses of perfumes ended around middle east but Arabs preserved it and with the rise of Islam they improved the production and used it in their daily life. Being traders they had wide access to many flowers, precious woods and herbs used in perfumery. Rose and jasmine were native to the region, and many other plants like bitter orange and other citrus trees were imported from China and southeast Asia successfully cultivated in the Middle East, and to this day are key ingredients in perfumery. Read more >>