Glamorous Eyeshadow Palette Makhmally + Matte Touch - Review and Swatches

Today i am going to swatch the one palette, i think almost every beauty blogger in Pakistan have started with, called Glamorous Face Makhmally + Matte Touch 48 + 48 Eyeshadow Palette. I have this palette for very long as well and considering it is reviewed by many bloggers few years ago, i never reviewed it on my blog. Recently i noticed that there are no online swatches available of this palette and the ones who want to read review and see swatches before buying it might be very disappointed. So without further delay lets dig in the details of this palette. Read more >>

Glamorous Face U.S.A Speed Dry Nail Polish - Review and Swatches

Glamorous face USA is famous for their reasonable price specially their eye palettes. I have some of their nail polishes which are really good and you can not believe its price almost dirt cheap but the quality is really great. Today i am going to share the review and nail swatches with you girls. Lets see how do they sound and look. Read more >>

November Makeup and Beauty care Haul

Going for grocery shopping and not buying beauty products that can not be. As November has started with cold breeze and less humidity in air it is making skin and hair dry which needs to be look after so this time our haul consists of some dryness care products and some makeup goodies. Read more >>