WELL-BEEING Bee-Refreshed Aromatherapy, Bath Soak, Steamer and Sniffer - Review

This anti depressing, mood lifting blend bath salt soak made of Himalyan pink crystal salt that gets its color from high mineral content and is not just pretty but is good for you! The fragrance is a blend of 100% natural essential oils that are relaxing grounding yet energizing. It has a fresh, sweet floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing thanks to lavender. Read more >>

Glamorous Face U.S.A Speed Dry Nail Polish - Review and Swatches

Glamorous face USA is famous for their reasonable price specially their eye palettes. I have some of their nail polishes which are really good and you can not believe its price almost dirt cheap but the quality is really great. Today i am going to share the review and nail swatches with you girls. Lets see how do they sound and look. Read more >>

Essence Vintage District Eye Shadow in Shopping at Portobello Road - Review and Swatches

Every time essence introduced their limited edition, it come with different theme which brings beautiful products and catchy packaging. The downside is that you can not get them easily as they are available mostly online and you most probably miss them. I recently saw eyeshadow in portobello road from their vintage collection and ordered it with rest of my order, it was the only and last thing they got in their stock from this collection. Read more >>

Beauty UK Powder Blush and brush in Isla rose - Review and Swatches

I have never picked a blush in bright pink colors and have mostly opt for corals, peaches, light pinks etc. When i saw the Beauty UK blush and brush in isla rose i thought to give this shade a try. Beauty UK has some very good products with very reasonable price. Lets explore this blush in detail. Read more >>

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel in Romantic - Review

I have been a huge fan of Enchanteur talcum powders for many years and still own some of them. I love their floral smell they make me feel fresh and very lively. I have mainly used talcum powders because i feel they are best in summers specially in our hot and humid weather and the other reason is that i mostly get allergic to strong scents of perfumes... Read more >>

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation - Review, Shade Selection and How to use

It has been asked many times for a review on Kryolan's Tv paint sticks and how to choose colors because it is one foundation which is widely used around us. I have known this stick as long as i have known any makeup. This stick is mostly used for party makeup where you can bear heavy coverage. Many wanted to know the proper method to use paint stick as it gives heavy coverage so mostly we get cakey and patchy look while building it. I am not pro but have been using this stick for quite some time and by time i have learnt the proper method to use it. So in today's post i will be sharing my thoughts with some tips on how to use this foundation stick and few shade selections. Read more >>

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Naturaly Chic and Teddy Bare - Review and Swatches

One can never have enough lipsticks. Since i have seen Milani Color Statement lipstick i desperately wanted to get my hands on some of them because of their attractive packaging and so many positive reviews. Well i have manged to get my hands on two of their shades which i am going to review today. Read more >>