Why Do Clothes Often Shrink When Washing?

It is not uncommon to toss a piece of clothing in the washer or dryer and have it come out smaller. Clothes can shrink for various reasons. In some cases, the clothes shrink so much that they are unwearable. If you are wondering why do clothes often shrink when washing? Then please continue reading to find out. Learning why that happens and what can be done to prevent it can help protect your clothes. Read more >>

Top baby shower themes every mum-to-be will love

Baby Shower is a party that is usually held before the birth of the baby, but is also possible after the birth, as we already know baby shower. This holiday is gaining popularity all over the world, and Latvia is no exception. Usually blue or pink shades are chosen for this party. For girls, pink tones prevail in the decor, for boys - blue tones. Read more >>

How to Stay Fit and Look Stylish With Waistdear

Keeping a fit body is not only important to be fashionable and to look gorgeous in every dress but it is important for your internal and mental health. You feel more active, attentive, and confident. However, if you are too busy to join the gym and cannot regularly do jogging because of work or family issues, the best way is to wear shapewear that makes you look fit while doing your everyday chores and burn those extra fats without doing hectic exercises. Read more >>

5 Amazing Uses Of BT Earbuds You Did Not Know Before

If you are among those people who just bought new bt earbuds or are going to buy a pair and still contemplating how you are going to use them, here is your complete guide about bt earbuds and their uses. Bluetooth earbuds have made their mark in everyone's life, as people cannot do with their bluetooth earbuds. Read more >>

The Waterproof Portable Speaker Makes Your Underwater Parties More Joyful

The devices we use in our daily lives must be waterproof because we are in contact with water the whole day. But what about audio devices? Should they also be waterproof, or can we use them as it is? To answer your question, we would say that we need waterproof sound devices, Read more >>

How Over Ear Headphones For Working Out Are Helpful?

Several audio devices are being used, but the preferences vary from person to person. We may say that the preferences differ from activity to activity. For example, some people use over ear headphones for working out, while some people enjoy using earbuds. Read more >>

Jugnu's Salon: New Branch Now in Gujranwala

The wedding season is still going strong and till Ramadan, we are going to have tons of events before this pleasant weather leaves us in the hands of harsh summers. In this eventful and colorful time, you might be looking to get treated with the best services which are better than your round-the-corner parlors. Now that one of the renowned ones, Jugnu's Salon have opened its new branch in Gujranwala, Read more >>