786 Cosmetics Halal Nail Enamel in Kashmir and Abu Dhabi - Review

Today i am going to share two more shades from 786 Cosmetics who produces halal nail enamel which are claimed to be wudhu friendly. I have shared 5 beautiful shades and one top coat from 786 before and have loved them. If you love to wear nail colors but worried about your prayers or your nails become discolored due to thick coat of impenetrable paints then you need to try these enamels. Let me show you two more shades by 786 called Kashmir and Abu Dhabi. Read more >>

786 Cosmetics Halal Nail Enamel, Wudu friendly Nail Polish - Review

Do you love to wear nail polish but have to remove it again and again for ablution or just left them wearing altogether? If yes then don't worry any more, few brands have come up with the idea of breathable, wudu friendly nail enamels and today i am going to share one such brand called 786 Cosmetics. 786 produce cruelty free halal nail enamels claiming them to be made of only halal ingredients from which water can penetrate and so acceptable as wudu friendly. Lets talk about the shades i got and their quality. Read more >>