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Jugnu's Salon: New Branch Now in Gujranwala

The wedding season is still going strong and till Ramadan, we are going to have tons of events before this pleasant weather leaves us in the hands of harsh summers. In this eventful and colorful time, you might be looking to get treated with the best services which are better than your round-the-corner parlors. Now that one of the renowned ones, Jugnu's Salon have opened its new branch in Gujranwala, Read more >>

How to Manage Your Finaces Better This Year

Managing your finances while also living the best of your life as much as possible, can be challenging. When you earn an amount, it can be very tempting to buy or spend on all the things you have been desiring while also paying your bills, getting groceries and other necessities of daily life are top priorities. In the end, you might spend all your earnings within days and there is nothing left for saving. Read more >>

Best Pieces from Philipp Plein for Trendy Athleisure

Athleisure or more simply activewear clothing have become more and more common and everyone wants to have some trendy pieces in their closet to not only wear during any workout or play session but also to wear on daily basis for school, get-together, traveling, and other activities. Athleisure pieces can be worn all day long and can give you a fashion-forward street-wear look while being comfortable and also function as workout clothes. Read more >>

Dive into Money Games to Learn Financial Management in Fun Ways

Conventional learning where you just keep reading books and memorizing them to clear your exams and finally get a degree was the way of old. With the everyday world evolving around us and constant competition to learn a new thing every other day, you have to be smart, have eager to learn a sharp mind and active lifestyle. In today's world where working from distant places is becoming more common, the best minds are chosen around the world and they are paid exceptionally well than the ones who have conventional jobs. Read more >>

Favorite Fun and Learning Games To be Relaxed and Recharged

It is so hard to find some quality time for you and your family in this really hectic and busy life where from morning to evening you have to follow a schedule and do your job until you are exhausted. Keeping your mind sane is really difficult when you have a tough routine but is most important not only for your health but also for your loved ones. In the long run stress and anxiety can turn into diseases that you definitely don't want. Read more >>

How to Make Your Damged Hairs Silky and Shiny

With changing weather, the damage it leaves on your hairs needs to be reversed. Specially in summers the sun can effect your hairs very badly and you need to sort them out ASAP. First of all evaluate your hairs and write down the issues they are facing. Are your hairs dry? scalp is Itchy? have damaged ends? While you do need to treat your hairs and rejuvenate them but the scalp is where you should start. Read more >>

ColourPop Winnie the Pooh Sweet as Can Bee Eyeshadow Palette - Review and Swatches

I loved the eyeshadow palette from ColourPop Winnie the Pooh which is called Sweet as Can Bee. It is attractive and is treat for the lovers of this cute bear. The shades are unique, trendy and wearable for everyday and for events. This palette is perfect for summer having pink, orange and beautiful hues of green, but the dark shades are definitely be suitable for fall, having warm orange tones. Let me show you this beautiful palette and be aware that this is limited edition. Read more >>