Benefits of Mineral Makeup and Why You should Start Using It

Pure mineral makeup allows the skin to function correctly, excrete toxins, and absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Mineral makeup should act like a second skin, as well as provide physical, broad-spectrum protection for the skin. The water-resistant properties of minerals allow women to sweat, exercise and even swim with their makeup staying on throughout the day, provided they don’t rub it off. Read more >>

Tips for Anti Aging Skin Care

An anti-aging skincare routine should focus on three major factors which need to be addressed, you can call them ‘the three Ts’ of skin aging. They are: Read more >>

Choosing Best Pair of Boots for Different Occasions

It is said that a person's personality can be judged by his boots, it is not far-fetched actually. If you have a keen eye, you can see that it doesn't matter how best you choose your outfit, without good pair of shoes, you cannot make an impact. Actually, a good pair of boots can give you an extra edge in every company, making you more visible and confident. Read more >>

What You Need to Know About Botox Injection for Achalasia

When you first hear about a botulinum toxin treatment, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Skin rejuvenation, isn't it? But what if we tell you Botox can also be used to treat various health issues; overactive bladder syndrome, twitchy eye, hypohidrosis, chronic migraines - the list goes on and on. Read more >>

Why Do Clothes Often Shrink When Washing?

It is not uncommon to toss a piece of clothing in the washer or dryer and have it come out smaller. Clothes can shrink for various reasons. In some cases, the clothes shrink so much that they are unwearable. If you are wondering why do clothes often shrink when washing? Then please continue reading to find out. Learning why that happens and what can be done to prevent it can help protect your clothes. Read more >>

Top baby shower themes every mum-to-be will love

Baby Shower is a party that is usually held before the birth of the baby, but is also possible after the birth, as we already know baby shower. This holiday is gaining popularity all over the world, and Latvia is no exception. Usually blue or pink shades are chosen for this party. For girls, pink tones prevail in the decor, for boys - blue tones. Read more >>

How to Stay Fit and Look Stylish With Waistdear

Keeping a fit body is not only important to be fashionable and to look gorgeous in every dress but it is important for your internal and mental health. You feel more active, attentive, and confident. However, if you are too busy to join the gym and cannot regularly do jogging because of work or family issues, the best way is to wear shapewear that makes you look fit while doing your everyday chores and burn those extra fats without doing hectic exercises. Read more >>